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weddings in atrani
Map of the coast
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The seaside Village of ATRANI, Amalfi Coast Weddings

Civil weddings in Atrani

A civil wedding in Atrani can also take place outdoor in a nice terrace with beautiful views. The local town hall will prepare a nice small desk with a few chairs on request for the spouses and guests. Suggested wedding venue along the Amalfi Coast, only a few steps away from Amalfi town! Contact us.

Civil wedding in Atrani

A few historical notes

The town Atrani is located just 700 meters away from the famous Amalfi. Atrani was founded by the ancient Roman aristocracy, and became the wealthy residence of the most powerful families of Amalfi. Unfortunately, the town suffered when Ruggero II, and the Normanni domination began. This was only furthered with the Pisani invasion in 1337, which deprived the entire Amalfi Coast of its independence, and political power. Atrani, today, maintains it's distinct fishermen's town atmosphere. The main entrance to the town starts from the beach, and from there, the traditional houses climb up the steep mountain valley, intertwined with gardens, and vibrant lemon terraces. Atrani is away from traffic, and confusion (even in summer), because it only opens to its beach, and sea. This is probably the secret of its pleasant square, recently preferred by some connoisseurs' to the famous square of Capri. A few bars have opened in the last couple of years making Atrani's square the place to meet, chat, and learn about different cultures.

The square & the beach

The square is the very heart of Atrani, and of its social life. Here everybody sits at a bar table, and chats with his friends, or meets new people, learning more about other cultures, in the relaxed southern Italian way! The beach of Atrani, which is covered with fishing nets during the fall, and winter, becomes a lively place, filled with young people of all nationalities throughout the summer!

Catholic weddings in Atrani

The church of S.Salvatore de'Bireto is in the main square of Atrani (piazza Umberto I). It was restored, and modified several times in the neoclassic style, but the original structure was built in 940. The main door of the church was made in Costantinopoli in 1087, and ordered by Pantaleone Viaretta, who also donated the main door of the Duomo of Amalfi 20 years earlier. The church, S.Salvatore de'Bireto, was also used by the aristocracy of Amalfi for the elections of the "Dogi della Repubblica Amalfitana" . When a new Duke, or "Dogi", was elected, they were crowned with a typical pointed hat. Becoming a Duke was the highest position attainable in ancient Amalfitan society.

The "Collegiata di Santa Maria Maddalena" was built in 1274 and then bared several modifications. Its front is in southern Italian Barocco style, and its dome, and bell tower soon became the symbol of this small costal town. The church encloses a work by the painter, Andrea da Salerno, l' "Incredulità di San Tommaso".

Catholic weddings in Atrani

Atrani wedding

Atrani weddings

amalfi coast italy weddings
amalfi coast italy wedding



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