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Amalfi Coast romantic weddings
Why a wedding in Italy? "... for the food ..." is one of the most popular answers. We understand that you wish only the best real Italian cousine and for this reason our restaurant suggestions are carefully chosen.
 Gift & favors
The Amalfi Coast traditional wedding favors are small baskets with Limoncello, lemon biscuits and other traditional produtcts. Very much appreciated are the ceramics from Vietri, very famous all over the world.
Sending an invitation from Italy is a very lovely idea: imagine your guests receive a card with an Italian stamp! Tradional handmade paper invitations on request.


At Amalfi Coast Weddings we always include, to meet any expectation for the most demanding bride and for the most distinguished guest, the following exclusive services:

  1. Wedding planner - we are professional and full time wedding planners and coordinators. We work together with you as your Italian side for the whole planning of the event.
  2. Wedding coordinator (Director of the event)- for your wedding days you will be assisted by a professional wedding coordinator who will check over every single detail.
  3. Travel consultancy - when you book a destination wedding, all legal laws to be applied are those related to international tourism. We are legal travel agents recognized with a regular license and we are able to offer a complete service to assure the best to you and your guests.
  4. Concierge service - we are the only company to offer a complete 360° congierge service to match any possible request (I.e. last minute flights, lost baggage, need a car, change hotel reservations ...) thanking to a very special agreement to the Italian Wedding Network.
  5. Wedding designer - Your wedding planner has the knoledge and experience to suggest you the best design for your wedding, but a wedding designer is always ready to give you some ideas and a first free consultation.

We have made a very attentive selection for our wedding providers. We do only offer qualified professionals.


Wedding photographers ^^top

  1. Mauro is our photographer in the Amalfi Coast for any type of wedding. He has been working with us since 1999 providing his services for more than 250 weddings. He is a funny, enjoable and humoristic artist who gives the maximum strenght to obtain the best from each shot. It is a classical photographer ideal for the beautiful natural portraits that the Amalfi Coast calls.
  2. The special photographer for very special occasion is Lucibello. His artists works are famous all over the Amalfi Coast. It is refined and very attentive in the selection of the proofs. He does prefer traditional films rather than digital. His works are both color and black&white hand-printed.
  3. Luxury photographers for unique weddings are Carlo&Angelo. They are among the most famous Italian photographers and have been working for us since the beginning of our adventure! We appreciate their unique art woride recognized by special reviews on photography magazines.

Wedding video ^^top

  1. The Amalfi Coast videos are made by a group of professional videographers from Naples. The service is usually well done with some digital effects. Every video opens with a view of your wedding location, your wedding venue and yourselves. The video usually begins at your arrival at the town hall, it is tough possible to have the videographer at your hotel before the wedding.
  2. Our luxury video service is provided by Andrea. He lives near Venice and he is the official videographer of the film festival, the Lamborghini team and of the most exclusive events in Venice. We like a lot his simple touch, his view and the editing with no digital effects, but a real editing of the day to assure that "movie" style making always appreciated.

Flower decorations and bouquets ^^top

  • We have made a selection of two different florists on the Amalfi Coast. Two different styles and two different budgets to cover any request. For particular and glamorous demands we ask the suggestion and quotation to florists from Naples or other locations in Campania region.

Music for the wedding, cocktail, reception and party ^^top

  • The Amalfi Coast traditional wedding music is Mandolin and Guitar: absolutely suggested for a civil ceremony. An accordian player is very charming and really appreciated. These are the instruments that best express the musicality of the Amalfi Coast.
  • Among the traditional instruments we have been collaborating for years with classical musicians including harpist and violins.
  • Jazz bans, rock bands, DJs ... on demand for your long-night party!

Transportation: cars, boats and flights ^^top

  • We collaborate with a specific car company offering wedding cars or special transfer Mercedes, Minivan or buses.
  • We have made a selection of some of the most beautiful boats for weddings and excursions.
  • National and international flights. Charter flights. Elycopter or private jets.

Many other important wedding services are not here listed, but your wedding planner will send you details for any request you have.

Any repruduction will be persecuted in accordance to the law. All Rights Reserved Amalfi Coast Weddings wedding planners.