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sorrento weddings

 Sorrento wedding news
Sorrento is one of the most loved wedding locations, therefore it is required an advantage booking in order to assure the use of the St. Francis cloister (marriage venue) for your ceremony. Contact us ...



Sorrento weddings

Outdoor civil weddings in Sorrento

Civil weddings in Sorrento are celebrated in a medieval cloister, part of an impressive 7th century convent dedicated to St. Francis of Assisis. The venue is located next to the beautiful public gardens of the Villa Comunale. Weddings ceremonies in Sorrento are performed outdoor. The Cloister is a perfect fusion of different architectural styles, on two sides of the porch there are crossed tuff arches, stylistic expression of the late 14th century; instead, on the other two sides impressive round arches on octagonal pillars are erected. Rich with scented flowers, exotic plants and ornamental trees, the Cloister is a place of tales, with its typical arch structure and the melodious chirping of the birds that in the spring elect this spot as their favourite residence, seems to transport backwards in time, in an antique tale of the Arabian world. Visit the photo gallery .

Civil wedding in Sorrento

Symbolic weddings in Sorrento

If you are already married and only wish a romantic ceremony, if you do not want to go over the hassle of the paperwork or if you simply want some incredible photos to keep as memory from your honeymoon, we suggest a symbolic wedding in beautiful gardens, terraces or even in your own preferred hotel. Visit the photo gallery ...

sorrento wedding

Reception sites, hotels and restaurants in Sorrento

Sorrento offers some of the most beautiful reception sites on the Amalfi Coast with views on Naples bay and the Vesuvio.

sorrento weddings

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