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Amalfi Coast romantic weddings

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Capri is magical: beautiful and unique as any other islands in the world! Sorrento is famous worldwide, but it does not mantain the promises she makes. Rome is the eternal city: always unique either for Catholic or civil weddings. Contact us!
Weddings in Capri, Sorrento, Rome and other beautiful locations near the Amalfi Coast

Weddings in Capri

Weddings on the island of Capri. Capri with its 800 species of plant life has been likened to a "garden perched on a rugged chunk of limestone". Its cliffs, which have been cut and ravaged by time into fantastic shapes create an unusual and dramatic landscape. Among the first to be captivated by the beauty of Capri were the Romans. Several hundreds species of flora may be reviewed in the Gardens of Augustus, founded by Caesar himself. One of the most famous sights of the island is the Grotto Azzurro, an extraordinary vivid blue which can be reached by boat from Marina Grande. In spring and summer flowers grow everywhere and provide a most delightful profusion of colour. Read more

Weddings in Sorrento

Italian weddings in Sorrento. Dramatic assemble of steep cliffs overlook the Bay of Naples . As you head inland, the lush, rolling hills are intersected by the deep valleys, creating an intricate landscape that is beyond imagination. Throughout the town, the orange and lemon groves weave through the thickly wooded hills. The pastel-colored houses ornament the scene like jewels on a necklace that surround the shoreline. This town was granted the nickname "La Gentile" because of its gentle climate and simpatico inhabitants. Read more

Weddings in Rome

Getting married in Rome, the eternal city! A wedding in Rome gives eternity to your marriage as Rome is eternal. You can get married in a two thousand year-old civil hall, in a hall with masterpieces of the Italian renaissance, in an ancient 4th century church or in the Vatican City next to the Cappella Sistina. Rome is Italy's treasure trove, packed with more than two millennia of artistic masterpieces and achievement. Whether you choose a civil or religious ceremony, there is no other city where you will find such a beautiful mix of romance, elegance, history and energy. Read more

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